In early fall, fields of goldenrod abound and add a Midas touch to the landscape. These native wildflowers, Solidago canadensis, with golden florets atop tall stalks, adorn meadows, fallow fields, and unsprayed roadsides. Mother Nature must like a little gilt this time of year, and so does t…

Sometimes no matter how carefully we plan, a shrub or tree that that’s been planted needs to be transplanted from one location to another. Before moving any tree or shrub, there are many things to consider.

I mentioned in this space a few weeks ago that I had recently spent a long weekend with the Parsons girl cousins in Tennessee. We each took casseroles, cakes and snacks to share with one another at our reunion.

Nearly two weeks ago on a Tuesday afternoon, I received a text. It was from a friend whose life had long inspired all who knew and loved her. For the past five years, she’d been engaged in a courageous combat with cancer, and she realized her battle was nearing an end.