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It’s the day before Thanksgiving, and most of us already have our menus planned, groceries bought and pies and cakes baked and ready to be sliced. Now it’s time for us to put our feet up and relax a little bit with some Turkey Day trivia.

When grocery shopping one day a couple of months ago, I came across a great deal on a pack of small boneless pork chops. After I got home, I wrapped each piece individually with plastic wrap and put them in a large ziptop bag in the freezer.

Last week, my husband and I spent our vacation in a cabin at Tishomingo State Park. It’s a favorite spot of ours and, with two stone fireplaces, the perfect place for roaring fires on cool autumn nights.

I mentioned in this space a few weeks ago that I had recently spent a long weekend with the Parsons girl cousins in Tennessee. We each took casseroles, cakes and snacks to share with one another at our reunion.

My daughter, Mary, and her sweetie just got back from a weeklong trip to Mexico. Periodically, she sent us photos of some of the amazing food they ate, from huge platters of beautifully arranged fruit for breakfast to mole madre for dinner.