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Had a pretty good crowd Sunday. Patsy been on a trip and Jo Ann too. They are both back home and were at church.

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The hardest thing about loving little bits of life is sometimes you have to say goodbye sooner than you want to.  My dear nephew rescued a kitten last month and I went and got it from him on Labor Day. We folded little Angel kitty into our home and she has been a delight.

The Pontotoc County Historical Society will meet at 7 p.m. on Thursday, October 11, 2018, at the Pontotoc County Library. The meeting will focus on our ongoing projects, possible fund raisers, and other items of business that need discussion.

Planning work is resuming on the Thaxton Veterans’ monument and if you would like to purchase a brick honoring your service man you may do so for $30. The brick will have the name, rank, branch of service and years served near the existing monument in a concrete base.

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“War of the Worlds”, a play based on H.G. Well’s famous radio program, which celebrates its eightieth anniversary, will be the newest play put on at the Pontotoc community theater. Under the direction of Jonathan Butler, the play will feature the actual radio broadcast that made headlines in…

The newly organized Pontotoc county Republican Women’s Club (PCRW) met Monday, Sept. 10, 2018 at the Pontotoc county Library. This club is still in the organizational stage working toward securing our club charter.

Plans are resuming to do a Thaxton Veteran’s monument. Those interested purchasing a brick should be prepared to give name, rank, branch and years of service when you purchase one for $30. You may give the information and money to the following individuals: Gene Stepp at 662-871-1444; Tommy …

In case the weather was not a big giveaway, this past Saturday was the first official day of fall.  I did notice that some of the trees had a change in leaf color, so maybe rather than feel like fall, it will look like fall.  Jeff and I took the opportunity to walk down Main Street and see p…

The first day of fall on Saturday, September 22, was a time for cleaning the cabin, mowing the lawn and the pastures, checking out the food plots for the upcoming archery season on October 1, repairing and cleaning the shooting houses, enjoying a great cookout, and, of course, viewing Ole Mi…

It was good to have Bailey and Sarah Galloway back in church yesterday.  Bailey has been sick since the middle of July.

We blinked and September is almost gone.  I can hardly believe October is here. 

Alyssa is doing so well in Pre-K, and this week she is Star Student!  We had to make a poster, all about her, to display in her class all week.  I'll be going one day this week to read to her class and she will get to take snacks for everyone...she is so excited and we are so proud of her!  …

We are getting some good rain today, we sure did need it.

Containers or flower pots can be great tools to use when growing flowering and ornamental plants.  Containers can be used to solve common gardening problems. They can also be used to create interesting designs by using combinations of plants.  The sources for this article are Mississippi Sta…

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It has been a great summer for a garden and it still lingers in the front yard.  Jon planted several tomato plants. He has fought drought and worms to keep them surviving. Just when we thought they were going to give up the ghost, they put out again. They are blooming and there are more bloo…

Who else is interested in breaking free of the yo-yo diets and applying the strategies from an award-winning weight control program while having as much fun as possible when doing it?

Hello everyone , fall is in the  air, Autumn begins Sept. 22, the

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Well, the weather predictions are in. Not the from Chief Meterologist Matt Labhaun, but from novice weather watcher Cardinallady with help from others around the county. From acorns to fogs to persimmon seeds all the predictions point toward us being able to build plenty of Frosty the Snowmen.

Wishing a Happy Birthday this week to my hubby, Charles (9/16), to my brother, Larry (9/18) and to Mellanie McWhirter (9/17)...so very thankful for each of these!  Troy First Baptist News:  Great day in the Lord's house Sunday!  Always enjoy our Sunday School class and want to publicly thank…

Two weeks in a row.  Don't everyone get excited at one time.  In fact the next Monday holiday that comes along, someone may want to call and remind me on Thursday to have my article submitted by Friday!  However, the Smith house is just chugging along.  Jeff has finished the budget meetings …

Enjoyed the few days that were a little cooler but has turned hot and muggy again.

It is time to recognize “Farm and Ranch Safety Week”, which runs from September 16, 2018 through September 22, 2018.  This event is not meant to be a celebration but to promote safety in agriculture.  Like many outdoor occupations, agriculture can be very dangerous. It’s important to periodi…

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The peal of the old church bell reverberated quietly through the hills and hollows of the Cherry Creek Community. For years it was this sound that called people to worship and its quiet tone gave a sense of continuity to the history of service that lives in the Cherry Creek Baptist Church co…

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Laundry is a never ending cycle at our house.  When I think everything is clean and put away, more dirty laundry appears.  If this scenario happens at your house too, don’t fret, I will share with you some tips for tackling the never ending laundry pile.

In the previous edition of “Farm and Garden Notes”, Integrated Pest Management (IPM) was discussed.  IPM uses multiple strategies to control agricultural pests. IPM pest control strategies include mechanical, cultural, biological, genetic, and chemical control methods.  

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I hope I have my accidents caught up with. You see it started back in August. My Tuck and I went traipsing about the land  on our morning walk and I decided since we hadn’t gone down the eastern path in awhile we’d just go that way.

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Greetings from the Town Square Museum.

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The smiles on the faces of young and old alike shows the deep love that these have for their church family at Pleasant Grove Baptist Church. This Sunday the church will celebrate their milestone of 175 years of preaching the gospel to the community and sending the gospel to the uttermost par…

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I picked up the phone receiver and the voice on the other end was none other than the kind Avis Porter. She gave me a short report on how well she is doing after double lung cancer and I was elated.