I am an over-thinker. This much I can definitely say about myself. I have spent so many hours lying awake in bed, some nights thinking about everything that has to be done. Bills are due, house needs to be cleaned, groceries need to be bought and articles need to be written are just a few of the things that I obsess over on a daily basis. There never seem to be enough hours in the day or enough money in bank for me to accomplish all the things that needs to be done. I get myself so worked up over all of these things that bad days are produced from my lack of sleep and the stressing that I do.

One of my closest friends called me one day last week and asked if I could just sit on the phone and allow her to vent about some issues she had been facing all week. As I listened to her go through the list of things that had been stressing her, I couldn't help but notice the similarities in our lives. She was stressing over basically the exact same things that I was stressing about. After she finished talking, I did what all good friends do and tried to think of some solutions on how to make her days less stressful. I told her that I too stress over my weekly tasks and that if there was any way we were going to thrive and survive in our lives, we would have to find ways to deal with pressure. So we came up with a few things that have helped me in so many ways.

First, was to plan ahead. Now it is true that sometimes life can throw something at you that will make all of your plans tumble around you and we don't always know what's going to walk through our doors. We do however, have a pretty good idea of the basic things that we will face on a daily basis. In addition to being an over-thinker I am also a procrastinator, which is probably what causes a lot of the stress. It would be more beneficial for me if I decided in advance on a few of the possibilities that could occur and try to figure out the best way to handle them instead. A simple, "If this happens, I could do that," can make a big difference and save me from some of the panicking and stress that I have during the week.

Second, was not to sweat over small things. Not all of the things that I stress over during the week are as important as others. Some things can wait to be done while I handle the more important things with no consequences. We decided that setting priorities would help us have a better sense of control. For instance, instead of stressing over the entire house needing to be cleaned, maybe focus on getting the more disastrous areas done before tackling the not-so-disastrous areas.

Third, was to seek support. Remember, no one succeeds alone. When the pressure is on, don't be afraid to reach out for help. You can even offer assistance to that person if they ever need it. Feeling alone in a time of stress is even more stressful. So don't be too proud to say that you need help.

The last thing, but certainly not the least, is to simply focus on one thing at a time. Multi-tasking usually leads to chaos. Sometimes I try to write my articles while cooking dinner and also doing laundry. Lets just say that my articles have tons of errors and my dinner doesn't come out at its best by the time I am done. Choose one task, get it done and then go on to the next task.

There are so many things that one could do to help handle daily tasks.  If we all just take control and decide that we will tackle each situation with faith and hope we will limit ourselves on unhealthy stressing. Each day is a new day and you can either decide to dwell on yesterday or keep moving. Trust in yourself and your hard work knowing that in the end, everything is going to be okay. Take a deep breath, count to ten, keep calm and carry on.

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