ASHLAND - For many different reasons, several Ashland residents have small gardens and/or farms at their homes. Growing their own vegetables, collecting their own eggs and making their own preservatives are just a few of the things that residents enjoy doing on their own. To maintain gardens and farms such as this requires a lot of hard work, care and supplies.

In Ashland, those supplies were often hard to come by, especially after the closing of the local Co-Op. Residents were forced to travel great distances to get the quality supplies they needed to maintain their garden and livestock. In August 2017 residents got an answer to their prayers.

Since Liberty Farm and Feed opened residents have been able to purchase things such as feed, plants, seed, hay, petroleum products (anti-freeze, motor oil, etc), insecticides and herbicides, animal medications, locally grown produce, cat and dog food, farm hardware and more.

According to owner, Cliff Lunday, a native of Ashland, Liberty Farm and Feed was opened for the specific reason of providing quality supplies to residents at a cheap price in their hometown. Lunday says, “My main reasoning for opening was to help people. I’m not here for the profit. I think of the ‘little old lady’ who may have six chickens at her house, can’t drive very far and she needs to find feed at a cheap price. I’m here for those people.”

Lunday, who owns a small garden of his own, says that when he opened he just thought about all the stuff he needed to maintain what he had and started with that. “I’ve always produced my own hay so that was one of the first things I was able to offer. I eventually started ordering feed, hardware, animal medicine and vaccinations and seeds from different places because I knew people needed it,” said Lunday. He orders most of his products from Ware Milling, Alliance Farm and Ranch, MWI and other places. “Its good stuff, for a much better price that what people around here are used to. I’m glad to be able to help provide that stuff here,” Lunday said.

When asked of his hopes for Liberty Farm and Feed, Lunday says he would like to keep adding products and equipment to his inventory and would even like to start renting out farm equipment to those who might need it. Lunday said he would also like to add more hardware supplies like nails, lumber, plumbing equipment, fencing and other items. He says that while it would be great to open many more Liberty Farm and Feed stores, unless God directed him in that path he is happy to just keep satisfying the needs of his community. He says, “I believe that the world has gotten to a place where we don’t care about each other anymore. We’re supposed to be there for each other and help others if the Lord allows us too. As for me, I will be helping people until the day I die.”

Liberty Farm and Feed is located at 18046 MS-5 Scenic in Ashland. They are open Monday through Friday from 8 a.m. until 5 p.m. and from 8 a.m. until 4 p.m. on Saturdays. Great things are in store for this owner and his business who are “..dedicated to providing customers with the best they deserve.”

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