LAMAR – A lightning strike during storms on Sunday, May 20 left four Lamar residents without water for approximately 28 hours.

Town of Ashland Mayor Mitch Carroll says that he got a call around 1 p.m. Sunday saying that there was no water on Country Church Road going toward Lamar. “We were riding the roads looking for the leak all Sunday afternoon, but it was hard to see due to water standing in the ditches from the rain,” said Carroll.

He said they found water running into a side ditch Monday morning in the edge of the woods and eventually saw a pine tree that had been struck by lightning. On further investigation, the crew found that the lightning had traveled down the tree, across the roots and exploded a water main about 5 ft. deep in the ground. “The strike blew a hole so big under the ground, that it was sucking water out of the main,” said Carroll.

All customers’ water was restored around 5 p.m. Monday. The Town of Ashland water system serves Ashland and surrounding areas. To report a water outage, call the town at 224-6282.

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