Ashland High School Salutatorian

Ranking second highest in the 2019 graduating class of Ashland High School is Shanterria Hampton. Shanterria is the daughter of Shone and Latoria Hampton. In her time at Ashland High School, she has been a member of the cheerleading squad, prom committee, student council, the STEM program and National Honors Society, to name a few. Shanterria will be one of four to ever graduate Ashland High School as a Mississippi Scholar. Shanterria has been accepted to the University of Memphis where she will attend this fall. She plans to major in Nursing and minor in biomedical engineering. Shanterria has already completed 15 credit hours through the dual enrollment classes offered at Ashland High through Northwest Mississippi Community College.

“Dr. Hooper, our librarian, has helped me to choose my major,” said Shanterria. Shanterria extends her appreciation of Ashland High School faulty and staff, “We may not have certain classes available to us, but the teachers here do care about you and your grades. They are not here for the money. If you go here, you will leave with a diploma-- if you work hard-- because the teachers will meet you half way.

Shanterria applauds her parents for her success in school. “The persons I most admire are actually both my mom and dad. My mom has been a big part of my whole senior year because she has been making sure I have what I need. Both my parents have been pushing me.”

Shanterria says her mother and grandmother also inspired her. “My mother always knew I was smart, and always pushed me. I once brought home a “C” in middle school and she showed me it was unacceptable. My mom and grandmother just inspired me to do great things and made me realize the reward afterwards will be worth it,” continued Shanterria.

Shanterria conveyed she was not expecting to receive second rank of her graduating class. “I was mind blown when the principal told me I was salutatorian, but happy because I worked hard for it. I had to tell my mom first thing,” remembers Shanterria. Shanterria plans on getting a job to help pay for college expenses. “I am looking for a summer job so I can save back money to pay for some of my things. I don't want my parents to pay for much because I want to show them I am grown up enough to set aside, control my money and pay for my own things,” stated Shanterria.

Shanterria revealed her biggest challenge during her senior year was juggling three college classes along with the regular high school classes. Her advice is to never give up, to keep going and not to procrastinate. “Don't wait till the last minute,” advises Shanterria. Her salutatory will focus on encouraging her classmates who have worked hard, but she feels are not being acknowledged. “Some didn’t get what they deserved because of rules in our handbook and I want to express to them that their hard work will get recognized eventually. And I am going to tell them that I am proud of them and we made it,” said Shanterria.

Shanterria enjoys drawing, writing poetry and taking long walks. She attends Sandhill Baptist Church. She is the granddaughter of Katie Hampton and Earnstine Duncan. She has three siblings, Quanesha Duncan, Shakylia Hampton and Laila Hampton. After graduation, she and her family plan to celebrate in Oxford.

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