Allen McMillin

Allen McMillin is the new postmaster in Ashland, a position his mother held for 15 years.

ASHLAND • Ashland has a new postmaster. Allen McMillin says he’s carrying on the family tradition because his mother, Judy McMillin, had been Ashland’s postmaster for 15 years before she moved to the post office in Walnut. It seems that working with mail runs in the family, because his father was also the postmaster in Dumas and Tiplersville.  

Allen himself has been in the business for about 20 years – he started out as a city carrier for Oxford when he was 19, and has been working for various post offices across north Mississippi since then. He’s held positions from carrier to clerk to supervisor, and now postmaster.

McMillin, a Falkner native, said a typical day for him starts around 6:30 a.m. when he arrives at the office, gets the mail sorted, checks that the carriers are ready for their routes, and makes sure the Lamar and Michigan City offices are staffed for the day. He said that he has seen a decrease in the amount of letters and magazines over the years that he’s been working with the post office, but that the number of packages has increased.

In addition, to keep up with the times, McMillin said, “We offer a lot of different things that we used to not offer.” One such service is informed delivery, a new feature in which the post office emails recipients pictures of the letter-sized mail they are receiving that day, so they know if they’re getting anything important.

His favorite part of the job: the people he works with.

“Every office that I’ve been to, it’s like my family. I’ve managed bigger offices, and this one… some of the employees were here when my momma was here, so I kind of grew up with them. That’s my favorite part,” McMillin said.

He said the job is really not hard. The only challenging aspect is that his duties are constantly changing and adapting to new innovations.

 “Everything’s different – you come in one day and you have 20 emails telling you how to do something different than it was yesterday. It’s a changing work environment… Some of it’s because of technology and less mail volume.”

McMillin said that he has enjoyed his 20 years with the post office and looks forward to many more.

“I enjoy it; it’s been good to me, good to my family.”

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