ASHLAND – The annual Benton County land tax sale will be held Monday, Aug. 26 according to the Benton County Tax Assessor’s office.

This year the sale will be held online instead of at the courthouse. The online address for the sale is Those wishing to bid must register with the site as well as send a check, copy of their W9, and a letter of credit from their bank to the tax collectors office in order to qualify for bidding. The sale will begin at 8:30 a.m.

   At the tax sale, about 787 parcels of land will be sold to the highest bidders to satisfy about $241,180.67 in unpaid taxes.

Most of the land parcels to be sold by the county have homes, commercial buildings or other structures on them.

   Unless the structures are otherwise owned or a mobile home is registered on the county's mobile home rolls, the structures become the property of the person who gets a tax deed, according to the tax assessor’s office

   The land to be sold Monday is for taxes due since Feb. 1, 2019.

  Each parcel of land sold will go to the highest bidder. The bids will be re-checked following the sale.

  The person submitting the high bid will then be notified that their bid was in order. They then pay for the land with cash or a certified check.

  Not all the parcels are expected to sell.

  Some of the parcels likely won’t be bid on. In such cases the land is certified to the state.

 After being certified to the state for three years, anyone wishing to buy the land must purchase it through the state. The state grants a land patent to a person buying the land, and then reimburses the county for up to four years of back taxes.

  Some of the other parcels remaining unsold are tied up in legal proceedings such as bankruptcies, or trusts involving minor children who cannot legally sell the property.

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