In our world today, almost everyone makes sweeping assertions in one way or another. It is one of the more frustrating things that I see within our society.

One example is within today's political climate. Both Republicans and Democrats each have agendas and often times take a firm stance on certain issues either to the left or to the right. Gun reform, the Jeffrey Epstein debacle, how to handle immigration are all issues that seem to have pit people against one another because of an extreme stance one way or another.

In our world, we can rush to take one side of an argument and whether our judgement is clouded by bias or bitterness, it affects how we see the other side's point of view.

In our justice system, when a person is being accused of a crime we give them the presumption that they are "innocent until proven guilty." Why do we do that? Well, as the saying goes, "There is always two sides to a story." So in order for us to make sure we put the right person in jail, we have to hear both sides of the case and a judge and jury are supposed to be completely fair and objective in order to make a good, conscience decision. Thank God that we have that system in place. At times that system will fail and put an innocent man or woman in jail but more times than not, they get it right. 

That's how we, as Americans, should approach every issue currently facing our country. Is it not possible to be a conservative and hear out why the other side is upset about a topic? Is it not feasible for a liberal to try and comprehend why the other side feels the way that they do? Neither one of those options require compromise on a stance but they do require compassion, concern and love for one another.

Obviously in Tippah County, we are used to small-town gossip. We've become accustomed to hearing about an individual and what they have done wrong and we can be so quick to judge. It's so easy to make an assertion without having all the facts. And truthfully, we've all done that at some point.

It is important to be educated about problems in our world or in our communities. It is important that we can form opinions on issues and have a solid ground to stand upon. But equally as important is to be diligent and gather all the information possible before taking a stance on something, otherwise one could make themselves look foolish. The quality of being able to see both sides of an argument, understand both sides, show compassion to both sides and still have an opinion, is a rare feature in our world currently.

Let's evaluate ourselves and make sure that whatever the situation may be, large or small, that we see both extremes and find our way to the middle because usually that is where the truth is.

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