Join us for lunch and networking! Our speaker will be Sharon Jones. She will speak about her nonprofit, Paroled2Pride. NEWMS Members $10. Nonmembers $15. Admission cost includes lunch.

Parents from Mississippi moved to Queens New York for a better job opportunity where I was born and reared. Due to domestic violence in the marriage and eventually, divorce had an impact on our family. First-hand experience with the judicial system with my brother watching my brother go to prison and the hopes of returning to make a change but could not due to a criminal background and no resources available( therapy included) no company willing to chance it; prison became a revolving door because of drug sale and use.

Growing up experiencing these trials lead me to begin Paroled2pride in 2007. The mission to assist non-violent felons with transitioning back to families communities and society through job training placement restitution and probation fees. Assessments are performed on each participant upon acceptance in the program and before completion. Training curriculum provided by American Hotel Educational Lodging Institute the certifying body for the hospitality industry with an accredited certificate is earned upon completion of the three-month training. Each participant is required to volunteer through our partnerships to give back to their communities in hopes to build self-esteem and commitment to the community which gives also a sense of being productive. Professional environment training exposes a participant to corporate America and teaches how to gain confidence on thriving in a corporate environment. Participants are trained to receive and apply constructive criticism and problem-solving in critical situations. Assessments performed on each participant assist in identifying a career path that they are passionate about while teaching faith and purpose. Through donations, participants are provided corporate attire and taught how to shop for affordable and appropriate attire for business

Our team vision is dedicated to ending the cycle of the judicial system and its effect on families as well as community one person at a time by providing resources available to non-violent offenders that can assist in positive choice making to be productive in our society.


  • Occurs Thursday, August 22nd, 2019 @ 11:30 am – 1:00 pm



Albine Bennett
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