"It feels really great to kind of reconnect with the Canadian roots since I've been living in Florida for so long. It's nice to feel that pride come through."

Live here: https://espn3livetv.com/home/watch/ufc/

Live here: https://espn3livetv.com/home/watch/ufc/

Spencer, along with her two older brothers, was four when her parents enrolled her in taekwondo classes. At 12, she transitioned to jiu-jitsu and today she holds black belts in both martial arts.

A shy kid, Spencer says martial arts helped build confidence as well as friendships. It's part of the reason she enjoys teaching kids at her gym, knowing she can might be able to make a difference in someone's life.

The 29-year-old Spencer, who heads her gym's "Little Gorillas" BJJ program, used to teach classes every day but cut it back to three times a week prior to the pandemic.

"It's not something that I necessarily had to do any more but it's so rewarding to show up and just get the reception and see the learning process happen," she said.

"It feels so small to us but it's such a big deal to the kids," she added. "It just really drives me to keep being the best coach I can be to them."

Married to fellow fighter Todd (The Savage) Coppinger, Spencer is stepmother to Coppinger's nine-year-old daughter Addie.


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