Where have you always wanted to go? London? Paris? Mars?

Well, these may seem out of reach without some serious cash, however, what if I were to tell you that a trip to one of these places is no further than your local library.

That's right, your library holds the ticket to each of these places and so many more.

A library is one of the most underappreciated assets to a community, especially now in the digital age when almost all information we could ever possibly need is right there, in the palm of our hands. However, there are untold benefits to having a library.

The logical starting point is our children. Who more than children can benefit from our public library? Programs that encourage early literacy help develop a child's reading skills, and not to mention that the cornucopia of books can help lead to a love of literature that is lacking now a days.

It is important for children to develop these literacy skills because they will need them later in life.

However, there is more to the library that benefits adults as much as children.

They have computers with an internet connection that offer access to the internet to those who wouldn't have it otherwise (I know, a strange concept having no internet, right?)

There is an equally expansive section of books specifically for the adult readers, and they span the classics through new releases. This is where the adventure comes in. Perusing the shelves, picking your destination. Anywhere the brain can imagine, can be achieved through here. It is quite a rush for myself.

Will I get fiction, and take in a story that never happened save for the pages in my hand? Or perhaps a nice nonfiction selection, maybe a biography of my favorite historical figure/celebrity. I could see what they went through.

Either way, I can travel the universe and my ticket to ride is my library card. So, why not go out and visit yours, you never know what you'll find.

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