With summer right around the bend, we have all begin to see the effects of warmer weather outside our windows. Whether it is the lovely yellow stain of pollen or the raised risk of tornados, we all know that warmer weather is here.

Another great indication of the warmer weather is the fact that baseball is being played. Baseball is still considered America’s past time and for good reason.

You can watch the game with a beer in hand or be so dialed in that all you want is sunflower seeds and popcorn.

I love baseball simply because of the way it makes me feel inside.

It makes me realize that winter is over. Winter is my least favorite season because of the long nights and the cold days. No, I personally want to be able to fish and cook outside with the least amount of clothes acceptable.

Thankfully I get to watch as much baseball as I can stomach with this job.I can be paid to watch one of my favorite games in the world.

It is so easy to see the emotion on the player’s faces as well as coaches.

The atmosphere of a baseball game is top-notch. The chants, the field, the pace all make it so much more enjoyable than basketball for me personally. This is not to say that I dislike basketball, I just prefer baseball because it takes less energy as a fan to watch and I am a large lazy man.

Please, as you watch this year’s baseball season, remember that softball and baseball were taken away from these kids last year. No one got to watch or play their favorite game last year and so this year's should be so much sweeter.

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