Robert Scott

Robert Scott

I recently celebrated my birthday, but there was something that I’ve started to notice. With each passing birthday, it becomes less of a celebration, and more just another day. You wouldn’t think that this would be the case. I mean it is the day I was born after all. But this is something I should have seen coming from a mile (or two) away.

I began to notice this feeling around my 19th birthday. There was, however, a brief lull for my 21st birthday because it is a milestone after all. It wasn’t anything to do with a bad experience or anything, it was just the realization that the carefree days of youth were behind me and that the real world lied ahead.

I was always warned by others older and much more experienced at this thing we call life than me, that this day would come, but I in my “infinite wisdom” always said, “That will NEVER happen to me!” It was hubris that I honestly had no business having that led me to think this . . . I was wrong.

Let this be a lesson to everyone that the old adage is true, with age DOES come wisdom. If we (the younger people) take heed of this wisdom that is readily at our disposal, then we will be so much better off in the future.

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