In 2017, Lamon Griggs filed a lawsuit against Chickasaw County.

The suit was for wrongful termination. Griggs was a retired Highway Patrolman who was then serving as a Solid Waste Enforcement Officer for Chickasaw County and then shortly served as a court balif, when he was allegedly fired for running for Sheriff against James Myers.

The court ruled in favor of Griggs in the original suit, and ordered the County to pay $83,000 in lost wages. In August 2018, Judge Sharion Aycock of the United State's District Court upheld the verdict from the initial case, and added that the county owed Griggs three years front pay in addition to the initial amount. This brought the total up to over $200,000.

“The District Judge ordered that they reinstate my position, but I was never offered my job back,” said Griggs. “So the District Judge in turn said that if that's not going to happen, we're going to give him for three more years whether you hire him or not. That's why she put the front pay on there.”

After the ruling from Judge Aycock, the County took the case to the United States Court of Appeals for the Fifth Circut.

On July 18, 2019, The U.S. Court of Appeals upheld Judge Aycock's ruling and held in favor of Griggs.

According to the case file, Griggs served as the Solid Waste Enforcement Officer for fifteen years without any documented complaints about his job performance. He was terminated in 2015 after the Chickasaw County Board of Supervisors unanimously voted to eliminate his position.

“It was a just verdict,” said Griggs. “It didn't take the jury long to understand the case and they saw through all of the half truths and the non-truths.”

Griggs also addressed the rumors that taxes will increase.

“As far as these rumors going around that people's taxes are going to increase, that's not true,” said Griggs. “The county is required to be under bond, they're insured.”

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