CHICKASAW • Some area coaches are taking advantage of the lack of athletics to reminisce and challenge other coaches to do the same.

Coaches have taken to Facebook to participate in the coaches challenge which calls for coaches to post pictures of them coaching, or donate $20 to a local charity and post a screen shot for proof, and challenge other coaches to do the same.

Among the area coaches that have participated are Houston’s Derick Kirby, Keith Jernigan, Shannon Brown Griffin, Chris Pettit, Eddie Neal, Val Chandler, Brian Goodman and Houlka’s Seth Burt.

These coaches took to social media posting pictures of them doing what they love, coaching, and continuing the challenge as instructed.

These coaches certainly seem to be keeping busy even though some of them have been benched by the outbreak. However, there seems to be some fond memories coming forth, so they are making the best of a bad situation.

Spring athletics have been postponed indefinitely, dependent upon schools returning to take the field again this school year.

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