Robert Scott

Well, the cold weather that most of us have been asking for is here, and it is here with a vengance.

We complained about the heat, and now, we have people complaining about the cold. That just goes to show that people love to complain I guess. It also raises an interesting point though, we should be careful what we wish for, because we just might get it.

We wanted so bad to be rid of the hot, sticky weather that made us sweat. Now, in exchange for that, we have freezing temperatures that cause us to bundle up in multiple layers to avoid sickness. We went from one extreme on the spectrum to another in a matter of a few hours. On top of that, we were introduced to the cold with rain, which just seemed to make it even colder.

I myself do not mind the cold weather. I prefer it actually. I love fall/winter, and I love the extra clothing and turning the heater on. I don’t complain about the cold, I don’t like the hot temperatures though. However, that is mostly over with until next year. I hope, at least, however, I am realistic and I know that it can change at a moment’s notice. I could wake up tomorrow and it be 100 degrees outside, that is just a result of living in Mississippi I guess.

Regardless, we should really be more careful when it comes to our weather wishes, we tend to land at the extremes.

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