Charlie and Hannah Verell are pictured with their daughter Hazlee in front of their business that they opened last year. 

HOUSTON – Though they only opened their doors a few months ago, Charlie and Hannah Verell have established their business, Livestock Grocery, as a part of the community.

When they opened in November of 2020, they immediately began to see foot traffic from people.

These customers keep coming back too, and they love it.

“We love interacting with all of our customers because it's a new face all the time, but there are also the old faces as well,” said Charlie. “We love being able to call everybody by name.”

His wife, Hannah, added that they loved the stories and other aspects that come from this as well.

“We love hearing all of their stories,” she said. “We treat them like family and we feel like family, it doesn't just stop here, it's outside of the store too.”

The store itself occupies the building that was the old co-op on East Hamilton Street.

Inside, they offer a variety of goods and services including farm and ranch supplies, lawn and garden necessities, animal healthcare products as well as home décor.

Coming from a farm background, it was an easy decision for the two of them to focus their business on that particular aspect.

“We've always been in the ranch-type lifestyle I guess you could say,” said Hannah.

Charlie added to this idea by saying that when the opportunity then presented itself, they wholeheartedly committed.

“We've always had the farm lifestyle and we saw a good opportunity to make a living and keep our family here,” he said.

Family was another huge aspect in the decision to pursue this dream, as they want this to be a family business that is passed down through the generations.

“[Our goal is] to be able to grow within the community and to be able to grow our family through the business.”

The store opened during the pandemic that swept the world last year, and the fact that they not only survived, but thrived is a testament to the caring of the community according to Charlie. He said that the only real effect that they had seen came in the way of freight, and keeping a steady flow of supply, however, they said that they make do and move forward.

They have not look back either. Charlie said that he does not regret taking this leap of faith and he would gladly do it all again.

“I would do it 1,000 times over!”

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