Lisa Faye owns and operates Trendy House in Houston. Here she is pictured next to her spring display. 

HOUSTON – When searching for gifts, fashion or just a good conversation, look no further than Trendy House in Houston.

Opened almost two years ago, Trendy House is owned and operated by Lisa Faye, who was new to Houston at the time.

When she opened, she offered a limited range of inventory, however, she desired to grow, and did just that.

“When I first started out it was strictly home décor, and I wanted to offer gifts and just a little bit of everything,” said Faye. “I like to travel and I like little mom and pop stores and shops off the beaten path, so when I go places, I've always kept up with things. I'll take photo or something, I've always enjoyed that, so when opened my own shop, that's what I wanted to do, just a little bit of everything.”

The path that she traveled that led her to opening the shop was one of dreams fulfilled.

“It was always my dream to have my own shop. I left a career that I had spent 17 years at, I had kind of just burnt out on it, I believe after a certain amount of time people just burn out on something. I always thought it would be later in my years, around retirement age, when I had grand kids and could keep them, but when we decided to move to Houston, I had kind of been looking around for a job and most of the jobs I had worked, I traveled a lot and I didn't want that any more. So, Matt said 'your dream is to have your own shop, why not do it?' So, I did it.”

She has become a part of the community now and she loves Houston.

“I did grow up in a very small town that was actually a little bit smaller than Houston, and then from the time I was 18, up until 2019, I lived in Oxford. Oxford is a small town compared to some, but it's a lot larger than this. So, as far as Houston is concerned, I love the small town feeling. You still have shops that you can get what you want, and everybody knows each other and everybody seems to support each other, you've seen that many different times when a tragedy strikes everybody's there.”

She said she hopes to ingrain her store in not only the history of Houston, but also the future, and she hopes to grow with the town.

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