Woodland Furniture

The employees and friends of the store are always ready to help find that new furniture that any home needs. 

Pictured from left to right: Molly Shoemaker, Aimee Carr, Victoria Ferguson and Heather Smyly. 

WOODLAND – When Woodland School shut down in 1986, one family saw the opportunity to make a difference in the community.

Opened shortly after the school closed, Woodland furniture sits in the building that the classrooms once occupied.

“When the school closed in 1986 my parent bought the buildings and it was the same year that the furniture market in Tupelo opened, so it was a good opportunity to start a furniture store,” said Talitha Hudson, the owner of Woodland Furniture.

She is the latest in the family line to own and operate the business.

“Its a family business,” she said. “We've done it since 1986 and its been passed down through the different family members.”

She hopes to keep the trend going as well, as there are two of the “next generation” who currently work in the store, and she hopes to pass the torch to them one day down the road, and them continue the success that the family has built.

Woodland Furniture sells high quality furniture at discount prices, and they are a family-oriented establishment.

“We are definitely a destination store. So, our prices and our selection, and being in a little town that really cares about everybody is what sets us apart.”

This little town of Woodland is a great community to be in according to Hudson as well.

“The community spirit in Woodland is more than you will find in most other little towns. That's why we are 'The Little Town That Can', that's why they call us that. We do every season, every holiday, every time that we can do anything for the elders, we do, its just a really good little town.”

Looking to the future, she hopes to see the family business not just continue, but to expand and continue to provide the same home town service with a smile.

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