Jamie Worthey pictured next to some of teh guns his shop sells. 

HOUSTON – When Jamie Worthey opened his pawn shop a little over a year ago, he set out to make the most enjoyable pawning experience in Houston, a goal that he feels he has succeeded in.

“I'm a nice guy, I get along with everybody, I'm nice to everybody,” he said when asked what he thought set his shop apart from others.

People come in to pawn items for that little bit of extra money, to check out the stock or just to talk and he said that he loves every minute of it.

“[I love] the carrying on, the junk, the talking, you know how guys do in a pawn shop, hanging around.”

As far as stock, the shop offers a variety of items, but their main profit bringer is their guns and ammunition, according to Worthey.

They have also seen an increase in business despite COVID.

“It seems to have helped a lot, with the ammo and the guns that folks have bought. Not to mention the stimulus money that they spend like it's water.”

However, this was the field that Worthey wanted to go into, and he is happy about where he is, and has no regrets.

“I like the trading part of it, buying and selling. I've dealt with the public my whole life, so it was a natural transition. I think we've done real well and I would do it again.”

When asked about his ultimate goal fro his business, he said it was to make a family business out of it.

“I just want to grow the business and leave something for my son. I plan to stay here and then turn it over to him at some point.”

With a year under their belt, they are looking to the future and hoping to continue their success.

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