Georgia rancher has Mississippi roots

Joseph Egloff was born and raised in Okolona and comes from a long line of Mississippi cattlemen. Joseph, now a living on Rocking Chair Ranch in Macon, Ga., raises grassfed cattle using humane practices and sustainable farming to produce delicious beef. (Courtesy Photo)

MACON, Ga. – Recently, consumers across the nation have grown more aware of our nation’s food system and the variety of health and economic dilemmas that go with it.

And a Mississippi man who has put down roots in Georgia is doing his part to make a difference in the way we eat, one steak at a time.

Joseph Egloff was born and raised in Okolona, and comes from a long line of Mississippi cattlemen. Joseph, now a living in Macon, Ga., with his wife Rana, has harnessed his family’s long history of raising livestock and helped launch a movement in Georgia that is quickly becoming a way of life for many local consumers.

Egloff began Rocking Chair Ranch cattle as a small personal farm, raising cattle the way his family has for generations. Rocking Chair Ranch Cattle, like many grassfed cattle farms in the area, prides itself on humane practices, sustainable farming and delicious, flavorful beef.

What is different about Rocking Chair Ranch, however, is that Rocking Chair is largely a “one man” operation. And anyone who knows Egloff, knows he is no stranger to hard work.

Whether it is clearing pasture or digging post holes for fencing, he keeps the operation running, ensuring the quality of his cattle and ultimately his beef. Local retailers have also caught on to the quality of Egloff’s products and he now supplies beef, by the cut, to a variety of local natural retailers.

Rocking Chair Ranch’s beef has become so beloved in the Atlanta area and Central Georgia that they now provides meat to six different restaurants.

One restaurant, The Rookery, of downtown Macon, has become known for their outstanding local burgers, crafted from Egloff’s Rocking Chair Ranch Cattle beef. The restaurant and Joseph’s beef have received national praise, recently capturing the attention of Food Network’s Emily Ellyn during her April 2013 Georgia Tour de Beef.

Rocking Chair Ranch has also impressed the refined taste buds of Hollywood.

While filming a movie in Macon, Indiana Jones star Harrison Ford dined at the Rookery Restaurant, offering rave reviews of the Rocking Chair Ranch Burger. AMC’s The Walking Dead star Norman Reedus has also been a Rocking Chair customer, purchasing beef from Joseph at the Farmer’s market in Serenbe, Georgia.

So what is so interesting about Joseph Egloff and Rocking Chair Ranch Cattle? Joseph is a man born and raised in rural Mississippi, who took the rich tradition and heritage of his family’s farming practices and made them relevant in today’s market.

Joseph’s honest approach to raising cattle has struck a chord with members of the community. Each week, Joseph sells his beef by the cut at local outdoor farmer’s markets, where market-goers rely on him for their weekly supply of beef.

Egloff has built a successful working ranch and continues to give back. Rocking Chair Ranch often donates meat to local families, churches and philanthropic organizations in need. He also donates beef bones to local animal shelters, where orphaned animals are otherwise often the last to receive any kind of charity.

To many, Egloff has become a local icon for the farm to table movement. While many consumers are just catching on to the benefits of buying directly from local producers, Joseph is simply raising cattle the way his family has forever.

Often described as a “true Southern gentleman,” Joseph is known throughout the Central Georgia community for his honesty and earnestness in business. For each new customer who approaches his table, Joseph assures them with his person guarantee.

“I believe in my product,” said Egloff. “If you aren’t happy with my beef, I promise I will make it right. You will get your money back…no questions asked.”

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