Governor signs concealed carry bills


By Bobby Harrison

Daily Journal Jackson Bureau

JACKSON – People will not need to obtain a permit to carry a firearm in a purse, briefcase or luggage under legislation signed into law Friday by Gov. Phil Bryant.

Under current Mississippi law and constitutional provisions, a person needs a permit to carry a concealed gun. A permit is not required for open carry.

During the just-completed session, legislators opted to change the law so that a permit is not needed to carry a firearm in a purse, briefcase or other types of luggage or satchel. The provision is effective on July 1.

The proposal was part of several changes made during the session to the state’s gun laws. According to state House Judiciary B Chair Andy Gipson, R-Braxton, the legislation signed by Bryant also will:

• Reduce the fee for a concealed carry permit from $100 to $80 and reduce the cost of a renewal fee.

• Ensure that local governments do not adopt ordinances that are tougher than state law.

• Say ammo owned by Mississippi residents is legal despite any federal action.

• Waive permit fees for members of the military and for retired military members who suffered a disability during their service.

“The right to keep and bear arms is fundamental to America and to Mississippi,” Bryant said in a statement. “I have always been a staunch supporter of the Second Amendment, and I am proud to sign these bills into law.”

There has been talk about completely eliminating the state’s conceal carry permit requirement, but Gipson has said that would impact Mississippians’ ability to carry a concealed weapon in other states.

“Concealed carry licenses will remain an important part of the nationwide reciprocity system,” he said during the legislative session.

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