CHICKASAW – Officials in Chickasaw County are urging the citizens to complete the United States Census.

The census, which is a count of citizens in the country, is used for many purposes. However, the main use is to determine the dispersing of funds.

“When we are undercounted, we are losing money,” said Chickasaw County Emergency Management Director Linda Griffin, who applies for grants for the county/towns. “The larger places get all of the money because of population, but smaller places, like us, who need it do not get it because we do not have a large population. If everyone completes the census though, it will definitely make a difference.”

The census can now be completed online as well as the traditional mail-in forms.

The questions are not invasive, they simply ask how many people live in the household and their age(s).

According to Houston's City Clerk, Lisa Easley, there are numerous programs that depend on census counts to receive funding.

“The Census is used in planning and funding for education, such as Head Start, Pell grants, school lunches, rural education, adult education and grants for pre-school,” she said. “It is also used in planning and funding for infrastructure such as highway planning and construction, federal transit, Section 8 housing, community development and rural water and waste disposal systems. In addition, the Census is used in employment and training. This consists of vocational rehabilitation state grants, dislocated workers, and American Indian employment and training. Finally, the Census is used in healthcare decisions concerning Medicaid, Medicare Part B, state children insurance, and prevention and treatment of substance abuse.”

The importance of the census can not be overstressed.

The deadline to be counted is in October.

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