HOULKA – The Chickasaw County School District School Board took care of the following items of business during its 7 p.m. meeting Tuesday, Sept. 3.


--Approved the District Response Form for the MDE School Recognition Program. In the 2017-2018 school year, the district’s accountability score went from a D to a C, qualifying the district for School Recognition funds from the Mississippi Department of Education.

--Approved School Recognition Program monies to be paid to all certified teachers, counselor and librarian in the amount of a one-time payment of $1,040.99 on a supplemental contract payable on Nov. 15, 2019.

--Approved a bus turnaround at the end of CR 240 at the request of Latosha Turner.

--Said CIG Construction hadn’t met the contractually required “substantially complete” date for recent school building improvements. The date was July 19; the work wasn’t substantially done until Aug. 1, board members said.

As a result, trustees voted to charge the company $3,000 – $250 per day for 12 days.

--Approved the following consent items: Minutes from the Aug. 6 board meeting, payment of claims, financial statements, budget amendments, deletion of fixed assets, and out of district travel.

--Approved the following field trips: Living History Timeline – 8th grade – Winter – Tupelo – (Nov. 8) #; FTC 2019-20 Kick Off – Robotics – Thomas – Flowood – (Sept. 6 – 7)#; Career Expo – 8th Grade – Murphree – Tupelo – (Oct. 2)#; College Day @ Vo-Tech – Seniors – Murphree – Houston – (Sept. 12)#; ICC Visit – Junior Class – Murphree – TBD#; Mid-Terms and Finals for Dual Credit/Fall and Spring – Juniors/Seniors – Murphree – TBD#.

--Approved the following fundraisers: T-Shirt Sales – Robotics – Thomas – (Sept. 9 – 20).

--Approved the final amended FY 19 Budget.

--Approved moving all Agency Accounts into the General Fund to comply with GASB 84.

--Approved the Contract for Reimbursement of Electrical Usage between CCSD and the Town of New Houlka for $2,000 annually, payable to the town by Sept. 15 each year.

--Approved the donation of $4,735.58 from the Bovay Foundation for personal graphing calculators for current ninth graders. The calculators will help about 32 Chickasaw County School District students master rigorous algebra courses required for graduation.

--Approved the following donations for Robotics: $50 from Jimmy and Betsy Collums and $300 from Turner Management Co. Inc.

--Approved the sole source letter for Star Fall, which is a computer program for beginning readers.

--Approved a $15,894 quote from the Mississippi School Board Association for Workers Compensation and Employment Liability Quote for the 2019-20 school year.

--Approved Christy Griggs to work in the after-school tutorial program at $25 per hour.

--Approved Connie Phillips as a purchasing agent for the 2019-2020 school year.

--Accepted Jaylin Bynum and Kenshun Bowers from Pontotoc County School District to attend Chickasaw County School District for the 2019-20 school year.

--Decided that due to an emergency situation, certified bus drivers will be paid $60 per away game to transport softball players on away trips during the fall 2019 season. The assistant softball coach and bus driver recently resigned to take a teaching position elsewhere. The head coach is now working on her bus driving certification, school officials said.

--Reviewed the revision to the Check-In policy. The policy is as follows: For a late check in, an elementary student’s parent/guardian or designee on the Student Information Form must personally sign the student in through the office. Junior high and high school students who are tardy for school will be admitted without the presence of a parent/guardian/designee, but the parent/guardian/designee is encouraged to call and notify the school that the student will be tardy. It is not mandatory that the parents call the school before the student is admitted.

--Approved the price increase of an adult lunch from $3.50 to $3.75.

--Approved the Description of Services with ACT District Testing Program for Fall 2019 at the rate of $41.50 per student.

--Approved the advertisement for bids on Bus #3, Bus #12, and Bus #14. The district remains up to strength on buses; it recently bought several buses, and now has six buses for six routes and three sub buses.

--Recessed until Tuesday, Oct. 1.

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