Houston and Chickasaw County School Districts are planning on returning to school on August 10, 2020. Our scheduled Open House on August 6th, has been cancelled. Packets with teacher assignments, schedules, masks, A/B designations, and other important information will be given out using a curbside pick up procedure Tuesday, July 21st, between 10:00am and 6:00pm. Parents who choose not to send their children back to school in August MAY have a distance learning option. For individual distance learning to even be an option, the parent/guardian and student MUST have a face-to-face meeting with the student’s building level administrator. Appropriate paperwork must also be completed. The district will communicate more details on this option once we receive guidance from MDE on attendance guidelines. The district is also developing alternate plans in the event we can’t return as planned. Please understand that during these uncertain times changes can occur weekly and even daily.

We will follow the school calendars that have been approved and are posted on the district website. If we have to adjust the calendar to meet certain regulations, then it will be republished.

Instructional Guidelines and Procedures

We will have a “Phased In” return to school the first two weeks of school. Each school will follow an A/B days schedule. Students will be designated as an “A” or “B” and will go to school on the days that correlate to their designation.

**The OPEN HOUSE scheduled for August 6th is cancelled. We will add teacher PD days on August 6th and August 7th.


August 10th-14th-

August 10th and August 12th- “A” days. “A” students come to school. “B” students will not come to school, but will have assignments.

August 11th and August 13th- “B” days. “B” students come to school. “A” students will not come to school, but will have assignments.

August 14th- All students will have assignments and work from home. Teachers will be training for distance learning and they will have specified hours during which they will be available to assist students online.

August 17th-21st

August 17th and August 19th- “A” days. “A” students come to school. “B” students will not come to school, but will have assignments.

August 18th and August 20th- “B” days. “B” students come to school. “A” students will not come to school, but will have assignments.

August 21st- Distance learning day for all students. Students will have assignments and teachers will have office hours to assist students.


By having a phased in return to school, staff and students will have an opportunity to learn and implement all the new procedures and protocols that have been put into place. Our goal is to keep everyone as safe and as healthy as possible. Please be patient and understanding as we work through this constantly changing situation.

Traditional Education – On-Campus, Face-to-Face

• PARENTS, PLEASE CHECK YOUR CHILDREN DAILY FOR TEMPERATURE AND SYMPTOMS. DO NOT bring students to school if they are exhibiting symptoms or have fever.

• Students in PreK-2nd grade will remain with their teacher for the duration of the day.

• Students in grades 3-5 will remain in their homeroom class and the teachers will rotate classes.

• All Staff and Students’ temperatures will be taken when they arrive at school, and may be taken again at lunch. Temperatures of 100.4 or higher will be retaken after a few minutes. If the temperature is not lower, that person must leave school.

• Students who do not eat in their classroom will leave the rooms as a class for lunch. They will also leave as a group for physical education, activities and recess.

• Classes will be social distanced from other classes when they are out of their homeroom.

• Students in grades 6-12 will resume normal instruction with possible staggered class changes and social distancing will be practiced as much as possible.

Distance Learning

• The distance learning option requires a face-to-face meeting with building level administrators. This meeting MUST OCCUR BEFORE 4:00 FRIDAY, JULY 31ST. Contact the building level administrators to set up the appointment.

• Students who CHOOSE distance learning should have reliable, sufficient internet access. If distance learning becomes mandatory, students who don’t have access to the internet will receive teacher recorded lessons and instructional materials will be downloaded on their device. These lessons will be completed weekly and returned to the school for teachers to grade. When students return the lesson they will receive the next week’s lesson. There will be more details on this at a later time. Students may also pick up paper lessons that go along with the downloaded lessons.

• Students with internet access may be expected to attend classes daily during their regularly scheduled times if our bandwidth allows. This process is still being evaluated. All distance learning students will be responsible for all assignments, assessments, and deadlines. In the event of an entire shutdown, they will be expected to attend all virtual classes.

• Changing from traditional education to distance learning education as a choice or from distance learning to traditional education will only be allowed once per year. Any further changes will require proper documentation and must be approved or initiated by the building administration.

Cleaning and Sanitizing

Face Mask:

• 2 face masks for grades 6-12 will be issued to students when students pick up schedules on July 21st.

• 2 face masks for grades Pre K-5 will be issued to students when they pick up packets July 21st.

• Students will be encouraged to wear masks as much as possible and will be required to wear masks at certain times for safety reasons.

• Students will be asked to wear the masks provided. If others masks are needed, they must meet Houston School District dress code requirements, and will not be allowed to cause disruption in schools.


• All buses will be sanitized when students are not on the buses.

• ALL students will have assigned seats at ALL times.

• Students will have to use the hand sanitizer provided by the bus driver on the buses before they enter the bus.

• Students from the same family, or same household, will sit in close proximity to each other.

• Students will have their temperature checked before they enter the school.

• Students will be required to wear a mask on the bus.

• Bus Drivers may ask students preliminary questions concerning COVID-19 while students enter the bus.

• A mask may be provided if a student fails to bring mask on bus.

• All buses will be sprayed weekly.

• Windows should be down for maximum ventilation when possible.

Car Riders:

• Students will have their temperature checked at the vehicle. Temperatures will be taken using a medical grade temperature gun by employees of the district. If a student has a fever of 100.4 or higher, they will not be allowed to stay at school.

• Students will sanitize hands upon entering the building.


• Except in cases of emergency, contact the school office BEFORE coming on campus.

• All visitors will have temperature checked upon entering the building.

• Visitors will only be allowed in the office area or the designated room by the principal.

• All visitors will be required to wear a mask.

• Visitors will not be allowed to go to classrooms or cafeteria for health reasons.


• Students will have assigned seats in every class and must sit in these seats so that we can effectively use contact tracing when needed.

• Cleaned daily when students leave for the day.

• Sprayed weekly.

• Hand sanitizers in every classroom.


• Hand sanitizers in the cafeteria.

• Breakfast will be served primarily using a “grab and go” method and eaten in homeroom or 1st period.

• Lunch: Students who go to the cafeteria, will social distance while in line to get food and take food back to their classroom. Students who attend CTE classes will also eat in the cafeteria with social distancing.

• Workers will wear mask and gloves.

• Workers will serve students their food.

• Outside food will be limited and must be placed in lunchboxes or brown bags and at the principal’s discretion.


• Wash or sanitize your hands before you leave restroom

• Sanitizers in place

• Clean 2 times a day or more if needed

• Sprayed weekly at a minimum

Response to Symptoms or Testing positive for COVID-19

If exhibiting symptoms:

**Must be fever free for at least 72 hours before returning**

Positive Cases

1. Individuals will be quarantined for 14 days

2. Nurses will notify MSDH immediately

3. Staff will assist in identifying “close contacts” of infected individuals and those will be sent home for 14 days.

4. Parents of students within those groups will be notified and made aware of the need to closely monitor their children for symptoms.

The parent/guardian of the students and all employees who are considered to be “CLOSE CONTACTS” of the infected student/employee will be notified that they came into contact with someone who tested positive for COVID-19.

CLOSE CONTACTS ARE PEOPLE WHO ARE LESS THAN 6 FEET FROM AN INFECTED PERSON FOR AT LEAST 15 MINUTES, UNLESS BOTH PEOPLE ARE WEARING MASKS. Staff or students who are identified as “CLOSE CONTACTS” must stay at home for 14 days and fever free for 3 days before returning to school.

Sample Notification to Parents

A student/teacher/coach in your child’s class/group/team has been diagnosed with Covid 19. Please monitor your child for symptoms and consult your child’s physician if needed. If your child shows symptoms, please contact the school and keep them at home.

Outbreak of students testing positive for COVID-19:

If we have a high number of cases of COVID-19 at one time, then we may choose to close individual schools, or the entire district, for 14 days. If this happens then we will transfer to distance learning for the time school is closed.

Students who have fever of 100.4 or higher after arriving at school:

Student will be isolated from general population and it will be mandatory that they wear a mask. Parents will be contacted to come pick the child up from school IMMEDIATELY. It is at the parent’s discretion that the child be tested for COVID-19. Students will not be allowed back to school until after the fever is gone for 72 hours. Students will be required to wear the mask until they leave the building.

Employees who have fever upon arrival

If an employee has a fever when arriving at school, they will notify the principal and must immediately put a mask on and exit the building. The employee should then contact the principal and ask for directions. The employee may not return to school until they have been without fever for 72 hours. Any area that the employee was in will be sanitized.

Students, employees and visitors who have one or more of these symptoms should not enter any school buildings:

• A fever

• A cough that cannot be attributed to another health condition

• A sore throat that cannot be attributed to another health condition

• Nasal congestion or runny nose that cannot be attributed to another health condition

• Body aches

• Loss of taste and/or smell

• Diarrhea

• Nausea

• Vomiting

• Sweats/Chills

• He or she does care for or live with someone who has COVID-19 symptoms (fever and symptoms listed above) or who has tested positive for COVID-19 in the last 14 days.

• He or she has been exposed to someone with a positive COVID-19 test in the last 14 days.

Faculty/Student Training


• Virtual learning training for teachers.

• Intense training on first 2 professional development days to include all guidelines and procedures in this plan.


Students will be taught the guidelines and procedures the first day of school and weekly after the first day.

Signage for COVID-19:

• There will be signage at all entrances, restrooms, hand sanitizers, hallways and classrooms.

**Please understand that these guidelines and procedures are contingent on getting the supplies needed to implement this plan. If we face this issue, then we will re-evaluate our plans.

The most important detail for us ALL to remember is that monitoring, planning, and adjusting will be on-going and changes may be made any time new information and guidelines are received.

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