HOUSTON – The Chickasaw County Republican Women hosted a Town Hall for candidates on Monday, July 29. The event was held at the Chickasaw County Court House in Houston.

The purpose was for Candidates to have one last chance to speak in a public forum before the elections.

In total, six candidates appeared, three local and three state. The local candidates were Margaret Futral, Supervisor District 5, Lamon Griggs, Supervisor District 5 and Judy Dunn, Supervisor District 4.

The state candidates were Tommy Futral, Representative, District 22, Ben Suber, Senate District 8 and Stephen Scott Griffin, Senate District 8.

Sean Johnson, Director of the Chickasaw Development Foundation served as the moderator.

Candidates lined up in front of the audience, and took turns answering questions asked by Johnson. The questions were a mix of ones that he had formulated as well as questions submitted by the audience.

The big issue for the local candidates seemed to be consolidation of the county courthouses. Futral and Griggs were in favor of the idea of dissolving the courthouse in Okolona, stating that the cost to up keep both was too much, and that Houston’s was a more viable option. Dunn was opposed stating that closing the courthouse in Okolona would cause people to lose jobs.

The main issue for the state candidates seemed too be funding. All three candidates were in agreement that this district has not been receiving the amount of funding that it deserves. They each had their own proposed plans for fixing the issue, but they all agreed that there was a problem.

There were many citizens in attendance.

The elections were held on Tuesday, Aug. 6.

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