HOUSTON – The Chickasaw County School Board is moving forward on reconstructing the softball training facility in Houston, and they have decided on an architect.

PryorMorrow Architects has been contracted to do the architectural work on the facility, and at the time of the meeting, which was held on Tuesday, Nov. 9, Pritchard Engineering was conducting soil testing.

“We have already approved the contract with the architect,” said Superintendent John Ellison during the meeting. “PryorMorrow completed their boring test, to test the soil, last week, they completed the survey today, the architect believes it can be bid out in early December, so I'd like to go ahead and bid that out and see what kind of prices we get, and see what we're capable of going ahead and getting started on with that project.”

The board voted unanimously to move forward with PryorMorrow.

The building was initially constructed early this year, but when the ice storm came through in February, it collapsed before it was ever able to be used.

The money for the project had been raised by the Softball Booster club.

Trustees also:

– Approved the agenda.

– Approved the minutes from the Oct. 12 meeting.

– Opened the floor for public comments, of which there were none.

– Heard from Child Nutrition Director Lisa Voyles about the struggles they were facing and how they were overcoming them.

– Approved suspending Boar Policy EBH-School Facility Rental to provide adequate space to celebrate one of the district's students, it was for a funeral to be held.

– Approved allowing Sharon Vance to transport Teacher Academy students in her private vehicle within the district during the 2021-2022 school year.

– Approved allowing Karen Cook to transport Agriculture and FFA students in her private vehicle within the district during the 2021-2022 school year.

– Approved revising the student handbook Bully Policy and District Policy JDDA-P Bullying Procedures.

– Approved allowing Clint Blissard to offer music/guitar lessons to students at Houston Upper, Middle and High School. Lessons will be taught during the student's free period.

– Approved the financial reports.

– Approved bills and payroll.

– Approved personnel actions.

– Approved the consent agenda:

Approval of the Family Engagement Plan for 2021-2022.

Approval of bus turnaround request at 123 County Road 100 in Houston.

Approval to accept the remaining years of the Harry E. Bovay, Jr. Foundation grant which is part of a three-year grant awarded to Houlka Attendance Center for years 2020-2022.

Approval of obsolete items.

Approval for Houlka Attendance Center to accept two large biins of canned goods from Silver Dollar Bargains in Tupelo for their canned food drive.

– Approval of Policy Section “C” with revisions/updates:

CA- General School Administration Goals and Objectives.

CB- Ethics

CBG- Administrative and Supervisory Personnel Positions

CC- Organization Charts

CD- Line and Staff Relations

CE- School Superintendent

CEA- Superintendent Qualifications

CEB- Duties of Superintendent

CEC- Appointed Superintendent- Recruitment

CED- Appointed Superintendent- Appointment

CEE- Superintendent Compensation and Benefits

CEF- Superintendent Expenses

CEG- Superintendent Professional Development Opportunities

CEH- Superintendent Consulting

CEI- Superintendent Evaluation

CEJ- Appointed Superintendent Separation

CEK- Superintendent Resignation

CEL- Superintendent Retirement

CEM- Superintendent-Bond

CG- Administrative Personnel

CGA- Administrative Personnel Compensation Guides and Contracts

CGD- Administrative Personnel Hiring

CGE- Administrative Personnel Assignment

CGI- Administrative Personnel Evaluation

CGJ- Administrative Personnel Promotions

CGL- Administrative Personnel Reassignment

CGM- Administrative Personnel Separation

CGN- Administrative Personnel Resignation

CGO- Administrative Personnel Retirement

CGPB- Administrative Personnel Time Schedules

CGPD- Administrative Personnel Expenses

CGPF- Administrative Personnel Professional Leaves and Absences

CGPH- Administrative Personnel Vacations

CI- Administrative Personnel Intern Program

CK- Administrative Personnel Professional Development

CL- Administrative Personnel Councils, Cabinets, committees

CMA- Administrative Rules

CN- Administrative Records

CNA- Access to Public Records

CNB- Managing and Retaining Administrative Records

CO- Administrative Reports

CPL- School Counselors

– Received the ATSI report for the Middle School for Oct. 2021.

– Received the Oct. 2021 totals.

– Held the first read of the 2021 Annual Update Policies.

– Heard the Superintendent's Report.

– Entered into executive session.

– Discussed the board topics.

– Adjourned.

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