HOULKA – The Chickasaw County School District School Board heard an update on the Houlka Attendance Center Building #200 renovation project, and approved several items in connection with it, during trustees’ meeting Thursday, June 27.

The board approved three items related to the renovation project using latent condition money – funds built into the project for unforeseen circumstances – for a total of $13,834.50.

The items included adding one window in the computer room – $1,034.50; adding interior painting to rooms as identified by Superintendent Dr. Betsy Collums (library, SPED classroom, science lab, counselor’s office) – $4,500; and adding a section of concrete sidewalk covered with an aluminum canopy to connect the sidewalk running east and west to the existing sidewalk running north and south – $8,300.

By a 4-0 vote at the board’ s Tuesday, April 2 meeting, trustees awarded the bid for the renovation project.

Trustees awarded the bid to C I G Contractors, Inc., of Corinth, for renovations to the building. That structure houses the cafeteria, some classrooms, the library, and several offices. The company was one of two bidders for the work.

The main scope of the project is to renovate windows and install a new heating and air-conditioning system, Superintendent Betsy Collums said.

The board also accepted all five alternates to the project listed in bid specifications.

The total cost of the work, including all five alternates, will be about $640,000, according to a copy of the bid. The money will come from on-hand funds, Dr. Collums said.

Those improvements include, by alternate:

--Alternate #1: Dry storage building, sidewalks, aluminum canopies and lighting.

--Alternate #2: New aluminum canopy and lighting for the sidewalk to Reed Avenue.

--Alternate #3: Repairs and improvements to the west end of Building 200.

--Alternate #4: Aluminum canopy and lighting at the existing cafeteria covering the existing south sidewalk to the east exit door of the cafeteria.

--Alternate #5: New freezer and new cooler.

The project is expected to be substantially completed by noon on Friday, July 19, according to the document.

In other action, trustees took care of the following items of business during their June 27 meeting.

The board:

--Approved Scott Petroleum of Calhoun City as the propane provider for FY 20 at 94.9 cents per gallon.

--Approved the Proposal for Student Involvement at Houston Career and Technology Center for the 2019-20 school year.

--Approved the Crisis Management Plan for the 2019-20 school year.

--Approved handbooks for preschool, kindergarten, students, and teachers.

--Approve Seth Burt as acting principal in Principal Willie Mounce’s absence for the 2019-20 school year.

--Approved paying certified teachers $30 to work the gate and concession stand for ball games.

--Approved an Agreement of Cooperation with Mississippi Department of Rehabilitation Services- Office of Vocational Rehabilitation. Under the agreement, the department will work with some older special education students, preparing them to transition from high school into a job.

--Approved paying Jazmin Poe at A2 on the salary scale for FY 20 instead of an A1 pending receipt of her five-year license. She completed the Teach Mississippi Institute.

--Approved board policies recommended by MSBA (Mississippi School Board Association).

--Discussed air conditioner units left at the school by a contractor during a previous project. The board will seek legal advice from its attorney to decide what to do with the units.

--Approved the Mississippi High School Athletic Association Security Plans (high school and junior high) for the 2019-20 school year.

--Approved the release of Jase Wilson Irvin to attend the Houston School District for the 2019-20 school year.

--Approved Principal Mounce as a purchasing agent for FY 20.

--Adopted the agenda.

--Approved the following consent agenda items: Minutes from June 4 board meeting, payment of claims, financial statements, budget amendments, and out of district travel .

--Adjourned until Tuesday Aug. 6.

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