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Dailin Cooperwood takes a shot for three against the Shannon defender.

OKOLONA – The Okolona Chieftains basketball team took to the court for what would turn out to be an extremely close game against the Shannon Red Raiders. The Chieftains would go on to win the game 72-69, but it was not without its battles.

Okolona came out of the locker room strong, putting up a few unanswered buckets in the opening minutes of the game. However, then Shannon found their groove and became a force to be reckoned with.

The Red Raiders played a very aggressive style of offense that the Chieftains did not seem fully prepared for. They found several holes in coverage and exploited them. However, where Okolona perhaps lacked in defense, they more than made up for on offense. They were also aggressive with the ball, and it instantly became an offensive battle.

The bleachers on either side would erupt in thunderous applause when their respective team would score. The tension was so thick, one could cut it with a knife.

In the end, the Chieftains emerged victorious, albeit by only three points.

The Lady Chieftains did not fare as well, losing to the Lady Raiders by a score of 86-51. They were behind early, and though they were able to rally after halftime, it was simply a game of catch-up at that point, one that they did not win.

The Chieftains also won their tournament game against Nettleton on Saturday, Dec. 14 by a score of 74-67. This brought them to a record of 3-5 for the season, and the victory against Shannon snapped a four game losing streak. Perhaps the Chieftains’ season is finally experiencing a much needed upturn. Only time will tell.

The Chieftains will take on Bruce next in the Coffeeville shootout on Dec. 27.

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