Chieftans player Kaaria Hykes breaks through the line looking for a play.

SHANNON -- The Okolona Chieftains took on the Red Raiders of Shannon in a non-divisional competition. Both teams came into this game with a record of 1-2.

Shannon was the first and only team to score in this game, with the final score being 32-0. However, the scoreboard only told one side of the story.

On the field, the Chieftains drove down the field well but could not find the endzone. Most of Shannon’s points came from lucky-break runs or on long passes to receivers who were taller than Okolona’s safteys.

Both teams also struggled with penalties after the first half. On one occasion, Okolona was pushed back 40 yards from the first down marker because of costly offside penalties and a sack.

“We’ve got three freshmen up there on the line who really just can’t handle the pressure. But, I do think with more games under them we’ll have something,” said head coach Lamart Harvey.

Coach Harvey was upset about the loss like any head coach would be after a blowout, but he was not dejected.

“We’re young right now, but this is real early in the season. We’ve got good guys and I think we’ll be fine,” Harvey said about his squad.

The Okolona Chieftains will take on the Hamilton Lions next week. Okolona will be looking to improve on their mistakes in their third divisional game on their home field.

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