I am bubbling with excitement, I am finally here.

I get to see Star Wars: Empire Strikes Back on the big screen, a feat that I never thought I would achieve. Yet here I am.

I had previously seen two other favorites earlier this year, them being Jurassic Park and Raiders of the Lost Ark.

Seeing these films from my childhood reminds me of the simpler times.

I was born in the wrong decade to see most of them in theaters, though I only missed Jurassic Park by a few years.

However, I grew up in the “VHS era” which meant that we had access to all of these older titles on a regular basis, and only had to put the tape in...and also make sure it was rewound.

Through the years, I have looked back fondly on those days, simpler times. No deadlines or responsibilities, just being.

In leiu of complete absence of responsibility, however, I will settle for Star Wars.

Once I was old enough to actually see movies in theaters and actually garner something from the experience, I began to see movies that I thought I would regret not seeing. However, there was always that void from the “ones that got away.” The ones that I never got to see on the big screen and figured that I never would.

Well...never finally got here, and it is all thanks to a pandemic.

Hollywood shut down productions and theaters closed their doors for six months.

When it finally came time to finally reopen their doors, theaters had to find enough movies to justify opening, and thus the classics came back.

I began filling in the gaps I felt I had in my childhood, and the theaters got money to hopefully keep the doors open until the new releases start rolling in..whenever that is since studios keep delaying everything, but that is a gripe for another day.

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