Aniston Criddle

Christianity is hard.

Singing your favorite praise song is easy. Raising your hand to God is easy. Posting a Bible verse is easy.

Talking to Him when things are at their highest is easy. Thanking Him for the good times is easy.

Turning to Him when you’re happy is easy. Going to church is easy. Listening to your preacher every Sunday morning is easy.

It’s easy to volunteer when eyes are on you. It’s easy to testify your faith.

But do you know what’s hard?

Creating time to meet Him wherever you are.

It’s dropping your things and noticing God in the presence of your situation. It’s thanking Him for being there.

It is so hard to raise your hands for God and not the people.

I don’t know about you but I think it’s hard to trust His timing sometimes. Sometimes I just want to fix everything but I know He has a greater plan. And that’s hard.

It’s hard to wait it out. It’s so hard to have faith and just trust when you can’t physically touch it.

Its hard to lift your hands when you’re on your knees. It’s hard to be thankful while shedding tears.

It is hard to spread His love to the ones who throw nothing but darkness your way. It is hard to spread God’s word when all people talk about is the bad things going on. It’s really hard to step up and be the one to say something.

But here I am. I am overcoming the “hard”.

Christianity doesn’t promise you things will forever be easy, but it does promise you comfort during the pain.

You will have heartaches, tears, meltdowns, disappointments, and much more, but it’s worth it. You are promised life after death, christian girl.

“He doesn’t promise easy, because easy never needed Him.”

It’s hard, but it’s worth it.

Aniston is a junior at Houston High School who writes inspirational pieces both for our publication and for her website at

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