Will Perkins

This week has been full of surprises from all walks of life. Whether that be political or just the fact that we finally had a cold snap in Mississippi. There still remains one constant, however, and I applaud the men and women responsible for it.

I am of course talking about ESPN’s College Gameday. A Saturday morning tradition that is attended almost as regularly as church in the south. When those men sit down at that desk, football fans stop and watch no matter what.

I have been at other jobs where the person with the Hulu live password plugs it into the desktop just to watch the College Gameday predictions. We all want to know what Kirk Herbstreit has to say about our favorite team. We all love to cheer or jeer at Lee Corso’s headgear pick. No matter your school, you watch.

This Saturday, no matter what has happened in your week, please take it from me and watch a bit of College Gameday.

I assure you it’s more fun than CNN or Fox News.

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