Robert Scott

I’ve been thinking a lot about change lately, especially in light of all the change that has transpired in my life in the last month.

I always hated change, as I assume most people do. However, it is as the old saying goes, “necessary.” But I still like to contemplate why that is. Why should we have to change something that we’re comfortable with to move forward? There really is no good answer. The simple truth is that it’s just the way things are. But there’s nothing that says we can’t make the most of an unpleasant situation.

When I graduated high school, I felt as lost as could be. I soon found out, however, that I was only afraid of the unknown, or what was coming next. When I started college that next fall, I wondered to myself, “what was all the fuss about?”

I recently graduated college, and guess what? I lived in fear of what comes next. However, I found a good job soon after, and went right to work paving my way through the unknown, and gaining experience I never dreamed possible.

The unknown that is the future is often terrifying, however, it doesn’t necessarily have to be. If we can take a moment to stop and analyze the track that we are following, we’ll more often than not find that we are on the verge of a new and exciting world, and all we have to do is take that next step.

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