Pictured is just some of the new equipment being installed in the park. 

HOUSTON – Joe Brigance Park is getting a new lease on life with new equipment, which started going in recently.

The project, which is set to cost approximately $200,000, was approved by the Board of Aldermen in August.

$150,000 of the money was to be supplied from Tourism, which had been being saved back for this project, and the rest was coming from the Parks and Recreation budget.

According to Parks and Recreation Director John Gravat, Jr., the work is slated to be completed on Nov. 22, a few days before Thanksgiving.

“I am very happy to get that going,” said Gravat when the board approved the equipment. “That’s something we’ve been working on for a long time and we need it. I’m not knocking what we already have, but this is something a lot of people have wanted, and I thank the city and the board because this is going to be a big step toward making our city look a lot better.”

However, it is also important to note that the park is closed and no one is allowed in it while the work is going on due to safety concerns.

“...I'm saying all of this to make you aware it could be dangerous for you or your child, so if you see that we have put signs up that the park is closed, please obey them and don't get upset if you are asked to leave. I promise that when this new one is done, it will be worth the wait.”

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