NEW HOULKA -- The Board of Trustees of the Chickasaw County School District, Houlka, voted to put responsibility for a prom on parents, approved a volunteer baseball coach, hired several people as athletic security officers, and accepted several students from the Houston School District during the county school district’s regular meeting Tuesday, Nov. 3, 2020, at 5 p.m.

Trustees also hired a substitute bus driver, several substitute teachers, an assistant, a secretary and several food service substitutes.

Board members present were Michelle Collums, Jamie Earp, Mr. Ruby Hollin, Kenneth Linton and Tina Pullen. Business Manager Connie Phillips and Superintendent Tony Cook were also present.

Board Attorney Phil Tutor was absent.

All actions listed in this article were unanimous unless otherwise noted.


--Approved removing District responsibility of holding a Prom and moving it to the parents.

--Approved David Huffman as a volunteer-paraprofessional baseball coach upon completion of the required MHSAA courses.

--Approved Howard Kilgore and Corey Moore as Athletic Security Officers for home athletic events at a rate of $65 per night retroactive to Oct. 20, 2020.

--Accepted Naveli, Giovani, Yandel and Milagros Gonzalez-Guitierrez, released from Houston School District for the school year 2020-21.

--Approved David Huffman as a substitute bus driver for the remainder of FY21 at $19.07 per trip.

--Approved Lisa Watkins as a substitute teacher at $60 per day.

--Approve Joby Byars as a substitute teacher at $60 per day.

--Approved Carla Jones as an assistant effective Nov. 1, 2020, at a prorated rate of $11,635.55

--Approved Patty Dodson as High School Secretary effective Nov. 1, 2020, at a prorated rate of $15,477.63.

--Approved the following to work as substitutes for Food Service at $7.25 per hour retroactive to Oct. 22, 2020. -- Mark Marshall and Matalina Villasana.

--Approved the agenda.

--Approved minutes of the Oct. 6, 2020 board meeting and budget amendments.

–Approved payment of claims #13039-13076, 19589-19595, 25724-25733.

--Approved the October financial report.

--Approved the MSB WCT member agreement.

--Approved the Food Service FY21 price list

--Approved 9th graders to tour the Houston Vo-Tech Center Nov. 18, 2020.

--Approved a Food Service refund policy.

--Approved the Apple Direct Customer Agreement.

--Approved the contract with Performance Based Education Company Inc. for five days at $1,300 per day.

--Approved the Bovay Donation of $4,189.20 to provide each 9th grader with a calculator.

--Approved moving the November payroll date to Friday, Nov. 20, 2020.

--Approve paying CDWG with a manual check for Chromebooks to meet the reimbursement deadline for SB3044 EDLA.

--Approved paying Synergetics with a manual check for access point and switches for meet the reimbursement deadline for HB1788.

--Approve Board Policy IJ and IJBD.

--Heard Information concerning board totals for October.

--Heard a Superintendent’s Report. In it, Superintendent Cook discussed data results of the first nine weeks, said good things are going on in the classrooms, said he does not see does not see virtual education ending, and said-3rd Grade Language Arts is very encouraging.

--Scheduled their next meeting, Dec. 1, 2020, at 5 p.m.

--Adjourned. -

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