On Saturday President Donald Trump marked 100 days in office.

My life has not changed drastically. Has yours?

There were few who openly supported Donald Trump before the election around here, but there have been many who climbed on the bandwagon after he won. Politics is like that.

But I still shudder when I consider the alternative.

As I said before the election, I didn’t think the powers that were in office reflected by lifestyle, culture and convictions. I also said the week before the November election that I didn’t think America was headed in the right direction.

I will point out billionaire and New York native Donald Trump probably does not reflect my lifestyle, culture and convictions.

But he is my President and your president, too!

The List

Let’s take a look at what The Donald has done:

• Named a respected and conservative Supreme Court Justice in Neil Gorsuch.

• Appointed hawks to key Pentagon and cabinet positions.

• Made a stab at stopping illegal aliens from coming to this country. The courts have reversed his ban on Middle Eastern immigrants and his attempt to unfund “Sanctuary Cities” is also in the courts.

• The stock market is up and companies are expanding. I can’t give Trump the credit for all of that, but it did happen on his watch.

• Stepped up the pressure on Daesh/ISIS/Islamic State or whatever you want to call those people that hate us over there. Have you noticed how quiet thing have been in and around Israel recently? Some things in international politics can only be fixed by talking loudly and carrying a big stick. The Donald is the perfect man for the job.

• Thumbed his nose at North Korea. Kim Jong-un has been thumbing his nose at us for years. The Carl Vinson naval task force seemed to be a good move and our sailors politely waved – they did not thumb their nose – at China as they steamed past. I also like Donald’s hair better than I do Kim’s.

• Pro business moves. He has approved the Keystone XL pipeline, killed a pending Asian trade pact and curtailed environmental laws that were absurd.

More to be done

So what else can my President do to “Make America Great Again!”

• Continue to drain the swamp. Some kind of campaign finance reform would be nice. The Donald ain’t doing it for the money. Neither should any elected official.

• Trump has not removed Obamacare as he promised to do. After reading up on it a little, I’m not sure it is a job anyone can do now.

• Close the Southern border. We don’t need to build a wall, just use the drones, technology and federal forces we already have to clamp down on those violating our borders. Legal immigrants are welcome. Donald Trump has made them get in a line and start the process of becoming citizens of this great country.

• Tax cuts. This one is a tricky one. Trump talked of tax cuts for all Americans, but I’ve found those at the top tend to profit the most from Republican tax cuts.

• The Iranian nuclear deal basically will give The Bomb to Iran. Please note our troubles with North Korea.

The media

Donald Trump plays the media. Please hear me out.

He likes to push people around. Veteran journalist are used to it. We politely smile and then go back to the office and pen a story.

Donald Trump plays rough. Good journalist do, too.

With a do-nothing Congress playing political games with our money, our lives, our country and our world, it’s good to see some people willing to fight to “Make America Great Again!”

Maybe The Donald will read this and come visit the Chickasaw Journal. He might just find out that while we are worlds apart, we really aren’t that different.

Floyd Ingram is Managing Editor of the Chickasaw Journal and an award winning journalist. You can call him at 456-3771 to help him as he tries to “Make Chickasaw County Great Again!”

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