Aniston Criddle

I hope you…

There are many things I wish upon myself but there are certain things I pray for. These certain things crowd my head daily. I wonder if i’m doing them, if i’m doing them right, and if i’m doing them at the right time.

I hope you learn to love yourself more than you ever have. I hope this love grows continuously.

I hope you get out of of the habit of comparison. This is what destroys a girl. This is what lowers her self esteem, her confidence, the way she carries herself…

Saying that, I hope you always carry yourself well. I know you used to not, never go back to that.

I hope you have a good vibe. Not everyone is going to attract to it, but those who do, are special like you.

I hope you know you’re special in your own way. Everyone is.

I hope you know you’re important and I hope you know your worth.

I hope you learn to forgive. I hope you learn to look past the mistakes of others and only focus on the present moment. You have a past too, would you want someone to hold it against you?

I hope you learn to love. Not just romantic love. God’s love. I hope you love like God loves you. I really hope you do.

I hope you are understanding, I hope you are reasonable when it comes to consequences and arguments. I hope you always look at the other person’s perspective. You used to be terrible at this, you’re working on it, and it’s looking good.

I hope you appreciate everything and anything. Never take what you have for granted.

I hope you understand the world doesn’t revolve around you. Even though sometimes you make yourself believe it does, know it doesn’t. You’re working on this too, and it’s looking clearer.

I hope you always always always eat the Chicken. The pickles. The bacon. The MAC. And the mashed potatoes. I mean… why not? A scale doesn’t define you, and although you get tempted to look, don’t. If you are comfortable in your skin, then so be it.

I hope you are eager to learn about God more and more each day. He gave you this life and deserves every bit of it.

I hope you try in everything you do. Don’t stop believing in yourself.

I hope you know you can move mountains, girl.

I hope you know God can and will get you through things that seem impossible. That’s just how He is, an awesome God.

I hope you are never ashamed to worship Him. But I also hope you know, worshipping Him in private is very important. Don’t do it for the show, for the congrats, for the hugs, do it for you. Do it for you and your relationship with your God.

I hope you smile. I hope you dance. I hope you are happy.

I hope you still feel small when you stand beside the ocean. You are no better or bigger than anyone or anything.

I hope you take into consideration others thoughts and feelings. I hope you ask often about those you love. I hope you reach out to those you miss and wish to hear from, keep working on this.

I hope you are respectful to everyone around you no matter the age. Respect is an amazing trait to have.

I hope you know you are strong.

And I hope you know these things are possible.

Love, the you, you’re writing to.

Aniston is a Junior at Houston High School who writes inspirational pieces both for our publication and for her website at

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