We have all heard the phrase “with age comes wisdom” at some point in our lives. However, I do not know how much credence there is to it.

I turned another year older this past Saturday, reaching a whopping 23. However, I do not feel any wiser.

I thought we were supposed to gain a little wisdom each year, that way when we reach our golden years, we know everything, and then we can tell others that we know everything, at least that was my plan.

I have begun to wonder is wisdom dispensed via shots, perhaps? Do we line up and get poked like with a vaccination and we gain a little bit each time.

I know, I was just being silly, after all it is my birthday.

But, really, it is funny to look back each birthday and realize just how much was actually crammed into those 365 days. It does not seem like it when you are living it, but you are racking up life experience like crazy, and that experience goes to shape how you view the world and knowledge as a whole, if you want to get deeper.

We hardly notice what we have done until retrospect, when it all becomes so clear. That is why we must try to be conscious of today. Because a life lived in the future never gets to enjoy the present, only the past. I'm not sure if some famous person said this at some point in time, or if I am the first, but for the sake of this column (and being too lazy to do the research) I am taking credit for it.

We are each one of us weaving the tapestry that is our life story, and each choice we make is reflected in the stitching. It is up to us to make sure we weave a pretty year at a time.

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