School is now back in session from the Christmas holidays, and as such, it brings forth the final stretch of the year for the students and teachers.

However, now seems like an opportune time to bring up a related subject, literacy.

Many students struggle to or sometimes just plain refuse to read. However, reading is an essential skill that is necessary for all. With the rise in popularity of technology, many do not even read books, however, we feel that there is something to the printed word. It is a tangible object, and you can read it as many times as you wish without fear of deletion.

It becomes our duty to encourage them to pick up that book. A good way to do so is to carry them to the local library. There is a plethora of books covering untold amounts of subjects at their disposal. They sit on shelves, waiting to be picked up and send the reader on a journey to some far away place. This effect does not, at least to us, seem to be present when reading on a device. Your local library is truly an invaluable resource, and it is the one place where you can visit numerous places without ever leaving the building.

The kids in the lower grades can also take advantage of the programs offered during the summer that encourage reading.

Just remember, reading is a necessary skill, and being able to do so, especially from a young age, will reap untold benefits.

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