People from all over came to Houston to experience the Flywheel Festival.

Football season is in full swing, the leaves are changing colors and cooler temperatures are (hopefully) on the way. What does all of this add up to? If you said festival season, then you are absolutely correct.

It is that time of year again when people gather together for local festivals.

One such example is the annual Flywheel Festival, which was held in Houston on Saturday, Sept. 28. There was an increase in attendance and vendors for this year’s fall festival compared to last year’s. Which raised an interesting thought.

More people gathered together there, and in turn, they had more contact with one another. Pair that with no significant 911 calls and one would be led to believe that they largely got along. That is where it gets interesting. People today seem to seek out conflict wherever they can. But, if you remove some of the triggering factors, they are left with nothing to stand on. Therefore, they can get along. But it goes beyond that, events like this one, and the upcoming Cornbread Festival in Houlka, serve to not only help the people get along, they actually seem to bring them closer together. They are all in one relatively confined space, i.e. the event area. In those close quarters, they are bound to talk to someone, more than likely more than one person. This establishes relationships. It also helps that festivals usually have a theme, and thus the people have similar interests, which helps to establish common ground.

There is also the community aspect of the whole thing. Not only are the people getting along, and talking to one another, they are coming together as a community. They are learning about one another and developing bonds that will spread throughout.

Another good aspect of festivals is that you are supporting local vendors. In a world of online shopping, there has been a decrease in local small businesses, often referred to as “mom and pop” businesses. These festivals serve as a way for these businesses to get themselves out there.

So, we encourage you to get out and visit your local festivals and fairs, you never know what you might get out of the experience.

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