HOUSTON – The Houston Fire Department will be participating in National Fire Prevention Week on Oct. 3-9.

“Fire Prevention Week is one week out of every year that is set aside to focus on fire prevention,” said Houston Fire Chief and County Fire Coordinator, Jonathan Blankenship. “The National Fire Protection Association (NFPA) has actually partnered with State Farm and the reason that we got what we have is because State Farm gave it to us.”

Houston received a banner, which is on display in front of the station, several little give-aways such as stickers and coloring books and such and magnets and other little things that they plan to give to the kids.

The items, as mentioned, were donated by State Farm in Houston.

The week has a different theme each year as well, and this year's is “Learn the sounds of fire safety.”

This is in reference to smoke alarms, and knowing what the different sounds mean.

The week is observed nation-wide as well.

It seeks to instill the knowledge in children because they are more likely not only to absorb it, but to pass it along to others.

“Fire prevention is our job 365 days a year, but with it being a focused, one week out of the year and everybody doing it at the same time, we get to maybe do it a little bit stronger, so to speak. There are still so many homes that we go in on a daily basis that either don't have smoke alarms, or they're chirping because the batteries are low and it's like people don't even know the importance of it. It gives us a good opportunity to join in nationwide and put that out there. We do a lot of our fire prevention work with kids. We do some fire prevention with adults, but I think that the reason that the focus is on kids is because they will go home and teach their parents these things.”

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