Floy Dyer Fall Fashion Show 2019

Pictured are some of the models who participated in the Floy Dyer Fall Fashion Show.

HOUSTON – The Floy Dyer Family Council hosted their annual Fall Fashion Show on Saturday, Oct. 12 at the Floy Dyer Nursing Home.

This was the second Fall Fashion Show that the council has hosted, and they raised $400 for the nursing home. According to Angie Grant, a member of the council, all proceeds go to the home, and they are used to purchase necessities.

This year’s Fall show had around 15 participants. The models wore the latest fashion courtesy of Factory Connection in Houston. The models were a mixture of council members and their family members, volunteers and even some family members of residents at Floy Dyer.

According to Grant the residents loved the show. She said that just because they were in the home, does not mean that they do not want to know the latest fashion, or see their relatives modeling.

The Floy Dyer Family Council is a tax-free volunteer group, and they do various fundraisers throughout the year to raise money for the nursing home. Some of these events include a Spring Fashion Show, bake sale and yard sales.

According to Grant, all of the work that they do would not be possible without the tremendous support that they receive from the community.

“The town of Houston is so good to support anything we do as far as Floy Dyer,” said Grant. “We greatly appreciate it.”

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