The Billy Taylor Band

HOUSTON – The Flywheel festival is set to make its return the weekend of April 23-24, and along with it comes a host of entertainment from music to activities for the kids.

“For musical entertainment, we'll be featuring the Billy Taylor Band from the Sparta Opry,” said Chickasaw Development Foundation Director. “This will be the first time that we've partnered with them on this event, and we think it's going to turn out great. For the kids, we'll have bouncy houses and pony rides like we have for the past couple of years and we'll also have the Tractor Parade, Tractor Pull, Car Show, Market and a new event called "Big Iron Bingo" where folks can guess where the anvil will fall after the anvil shoot.”

For folks worrying about COVID, precautions against that have been taken according to Johnson.

“We are sticking with just one musical act, so that the acts don't have to share microphones. Plus we'll have sanitation stations throughout the festival and free masks on hand for anyone who wants one.”

There is also a chance to win a little bit of money with the “Big Iron Bingo.”

“'Big Iron Bingo' will be a new fundraising event where participants can 'bet' on where the anvil will fall after the anvil shoot. We will have a numbered grid around the area. The way it works is everyone buys a chance at a numbered grid and if the anvil lands in it, they win half the pot. The rest of the money goes to community improvement.”

While these are the events that have been scheduled so far, there is room for more if local organizations wish to get involved.

“There could be more. Often community groups and churches will offer facepainting and other events for the kids and all are welcome. They just need to get in touch.”

Overall, the festival is shaping up to be a triumphant return for the Flywheel Festival, and Johnson is excited about the prospect of such a comeback after a year without it.

“We are super excited to have the Billy Taylor Band from Sparta Opry on hand to entertain us this year. We think it's going to be a great event.”

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