Will Perkins

High school football is back, for now at least.

With the Covid-19 numbers still on the rise, it is safe to assume that this has put worry in the minds of both the athletes and coaches. Hopefully, the precautions students are taking in the classrooms with masks and social distancing will help keep players on the field.

While we all want high school football to happen this season, we also all want to keep these students and the people they interact with safe. This virus is an invisible threat the likes of which have not been seen in one hundred years. There should never be a question that the health and well being of all student-athletes is the number one goal every season, but this pandemic makes other issues from other seasons seem so small.

Football is a great distraction that we all really want right now. I, along with every other fan, parent, athlete and coach want to see those boys run out of the banner each and every Friday night.

To help keep that a possibility, we must all continue to do what we have been doing for the past five months. Every time you don't want to mask up, remember that that could prematurely end a senior's season.

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