Will Perkins

Will Perkins

This week sadly the football season officially ended for the Houston Hilltoppers, my first football team that I traveled to cover. This team will always hold a special place in my heart simply for being the first, but also for being an outstanding team. This team has so many quality players, but more importantly it has many more quality young men. They enjoy playing the game and never get bogged down. I always saw smiles on their faces no matter what.

This kind of outlook has to be taught by someone and these players were taught by an outstanding coaching staff, headed up by head coach Ty Hardin. This man loves this sport almost as much as he loves his players. You will never watch a game where he is not the loudest cheerleader, or biggest critique of his guys. He is the first to jump for joy as well as the first to point out when someone makes a dumb mistake. He and his coaching staff should be extremely proud of the young men they have helped mold and create.

For some of these seniors they will be continuing their football careers into their college years. For others, this is their final swan song for this great sport. Hopefully they are aware of what happened over their four years and can realize that this sport is so much more than two teams lined up and attacking each other. Instead it is a tool to create more well rounded and hardworking men.

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