Will Perkins

This Friday starts the high school football season for 2019. I am so excited to have been hired on right before my favorite sport starts up. When I watch football I get excited because I used to play and I get reminded of the times I had during high school. All the practices in the summer heat have led to this.

I’m also excited that the first game that I get to watch is an intense rivalry. Houston vs. Pontotoc has been talked about ever since I was hired on. From the offices at the Chickasaw Journal, to the drive through of the Hardees, I love a good rivalry game no matter the outcome. Players get on the field and fight harder than they do during other games. When it’s your rival it just means something different.

I’ll be in the stands covering the game with the biggest smile on my face and a hotdog in my hand. Coach Hardin has got a fine group of young men and seems ready to do great things. This will be my first game that I cover for the Chickasaw Journal as a sports reporter. This just means even more fun for me to cover it and meet everyone involved. Please feel free to come up to me and say hi. I’ll be the big man with long hair and a camera bag thrown over my shoulder.

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