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Houston Families First Co-Director, Anderson McFarland, tending the fryers at the fish fry hosted by Families First.

Families First for Mississippi’s Houston office decided that they wanted to give back to their community this past week, and give back they did. They cooked fish for the senior citizens in an exercise class and served them at the Families First office.

It is things like this that set businesses apart; when they decide that they will give back to the communities that have given so much to them. Families First already gives something to the community through their numerous programs that benefit people of all ages from children’s literacy programs to adult education programs. However, this was a new undertaking for them. It proved to be a success. People came and went, and some stayed and enjoyed fellowship with their food.

This is what will really set them apart. When a business, known for giving to the community goes out of its way to give even more to that community, people take notice. They will remember the hospitality and generosity that was shown to them and how it was not prompted, but instead done out of a genuine love for that community and its people.

This is not to say that other businesses don’t give back. In Houston, almost all of them do in some way. But when you venture into larger areas, with major corporations, it becomes harder and harder to find a business that has the community’s interest at heart. Most of the time, but certainly not all of the time, the large businesses like these only give something back when they have done something wrong and have been caught. They then do this as reparations, but it is lacking the heart behind it.

We should consider ourselves lucky that we live in a place where the local business owners are our neighbors, and they care about their communities and seeing them thrive. We are truly lucky.

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